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Nick Assef’s Tenacity Makes Him a Great Negotiator

September 22, 2018

Throughout his long quarter-century career, Nick Assef has always striven to provide every one of his clients with the best possible service. He knows well that no client hires him or his firm, Lincoln Crowne and Company, simply to get basic investment services. They want the best, and Nick is bound and determined to never disappoint them. They want to advice and counsel that is something special, and that is usually what they get. Nick Assef strives to get them the best possible deals with the best possible terms.

No wonder he’s considered one of the best. When one examines Nicholas Assef’s extensive experience in business, it’s easy to see what make him a great investment advisor. However, when you look more closely, his exploits in the legal profession and academia make it clear why he has developed such an amazing reputation as one of the most shrewd and tenacious negotiators and advisors in the field. One reason for his very strong reputation as a negotiator is his ability and willingness to apply strategies and tactics based on "game theory" to negotiations, as a way to secure the best possible outcome for clients.